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Nutrition and Your Life Span – A Strong Connection

In considering the different and varied Life Spans of different organisms – there are trees that are thousands of years old. Some turtles live to be over a hundred. My own African Grey may live to be 70, and the Amazon Parrot could possibly live to be more than a 100.

The Bible says that Adam lived for 930 years, and Methuselah, the oldest age recorded, lived to be 969 years old. As impressive as those many diverse life spans are, what do they have to do with us?

In those days, the man was closer to Adam and Eve, who were designed to live forever – the further away we are, the worse off we are.

Man generally does not even make it to 100 years these days. The current world average life expectancy of man, according to Wikipedia, is 67.2 years. And when someone does make it to their 80’s or 90’s we consider that they’re doing just great.

The Connections between Life Span of Cells and our Health

No matter what cells you are working with, if you have an injury or illness in your stomach, your blood, your blood vessels, or even a broken bone, you must consider the lifespan of that particular part of the body to determine your result.

If you gave your body the correct raw ingredients and the ability to direct those raw ingredients correctly, just how long would it take before that injury or illness would be corrected?

The 8 Essential sugars (monosaccharides or glyconutritionals) are needed for the best possible outcome or optimal health!

This is because they help direct the DNA or RNA of the body, or we could say the blueprint of the body.

So, you see, when considering the lifespan of human cells, this is very helpful in determining just how effective our nutritional program truly is.

A Recent Personal Example

I’ll use myself as an example. A few weeks ago, I injured my knee. This involved the meniscus, which is cartilage in the knee joint. Now, at my age (almost 68), it is easy to injure something. I have been in a great deal of pain, couldn’t walk, or just hobbled around. Now, believe me – I didn’t like it at all. I love to move!

I was taking my regular nutritional regimen, but I was not experiencing my regular excellent health. I had an injury, and I needed to get great nutrition to the cells of that cartilage or meniscus.

So, finally, I realized that I might need to boost my nutrition because of my injury. Thus I obtained extra glycol-Nutritionals, and I began to take quite a bit. You see, this is a food, not a drug, and as such, you need to take the correct amount of the right ingredients to obtain the desired results.

I took the extra GlycoNutrients to help support the building and repair of my injured cartilage. After just a couple of days of the additional glyconutrients, I have begun to really improve, and now I am able to walk around the house without screeching out in pain.

Why did the Extra Glyconutrients help me?

Glyconutrients, essential sugars, or monosaccharides are listed in many PDR’s under immune support. But they are capable of so more than that. They are crucial for cell-to-cell communication and the structure and function of the cell.

And one more essential function I want to mention, they help the body to produce it’s own stem cells. Yes, people spend many thousands of dollars having injections of stem cells (from frightening sources I will add), yet, by taking the correct amount of glyconutritionals, your body will produce your own stem cells – helping support health at the cellular level.

Do you feel that that is good to know when you are ill or have some injury? I think it’s pretty important. Not only that, but it is effective and can save you thousands and thousands of dollars-talk about cost-effective.

The Right Ingredients – The Correct Amounts

Sometimes you have the right ingredients, just not the right amount.

For instance, what if you are dehydrated, and you only drink 1 or 2 ounces of water, is that the right ingredient for dehydration? Yes. Is it enough? No. So, not only do we need the correct ingredients, but we also need the right amounts of them.

As of yet, I haven’t found the life span of the cartilage involved, so I don’t know that variable yet, (I am still researching) but, I do know that I am getting much better.

Learn all you can about your own body. Consider the life span of your cells, and the correct nutrition to keep all your cells healthy. It is essential to build and support our health at the cellular level. If we learn diligently, we will increase our life expectancy through good nutrition.

Inform yourself so you and those you love will live an optimal life span.

Keep yourself healthy so you will continue to be able to do what you want to do.